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Patent Procurement

Smart ideas need shatterproof protection


At Tucker Ellis, we approach patent procurement with a fresh methodology instead of just doing things the way they have always been done. We work closely with our clients to protect their innovations, understand their unique business goals, and develop effective patent strategies to reach these goals. Our patent attorneys are experienced in a variety of technologies, including biomedical devices and systems, telecom hardware and software, computer networks, communication protocols, control systems, aerospace, power management, fuel cells, and consumer products. For technology or sectors that are new to our team, we leverage our experience from drafting thousands of patent applications to prepare patent protection strategies and applications that ensure an efficient path to allowance.

Our clients range from individual inventors to the world’s largest corporations. Regardless of size or country of origin, we counsel our clients through the complexities and nuances of U.S. patent law to obtain broad and cost-effective patent coverage. In addition to protecting our clients’ innovations domestically, we understand the importance of protecting them abroad. Our network of skilled firms outside the U.S. – which includes foreign associates throughout the world with whom we have close and longstanding relationships – work alongside us to protect our clients’ innovations in all of the markets important to their businesses.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Develop and implement IP strategies to protect innovations
  • Perform searches to assess patentability, scope of protection, patent clearance, and patent assessment
  • Prepare and file applications for utility, design, and plant inventions
  • Respond to office actions
  • Prepare and file administrative appeals
  • Institute and defend post grant review proceedings, reexaminations, reissues and supplemental examination

Key Contacts

Our Team

Key Contacts