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providing intelligent counsel for tomorrow's innovators

As autonomous vehicles and other artificially intelligent devices adapt to the world around them, so do Tucker Ellis’s lawyers in this revolutionary field. Artificial intelligence presents issues never before encountered in the legal world. This is because artificially intelligent devices learn how to react and adapt to their surroundings based on their training – not a set of rules developed by a human. That presents unique challenges never before faced in the legal environment. Who is responsible for a car that teaches itself in a manner that eventually causes an accident? The user? The car manufacturer? The software designer? These questions may sound simplistic now, but prescient scientists believe that artificially intelligent devices have the potential to become self-aware and ignore human commands. They already have the ability to alter their operation and decision-making processes without any human approval.

Tucker Ellis built this specialized service area to weave together a variety of legal backgrounds to evolve with this exciting technology. Our staff includes scientists and nationally and peer-recognized lawyers specializing in trial, business, and intellectual property issues. Despite the uncertainty as to how technology and policy will transform industries touched by artificial intelligence, our group’s ability to pivot and adapt sets us apart from other law firms.

Driverless logo directing to the Driverless podcast listing pageWelcome to Driverless!
Hosted by Zach Adams, Driverless is a groundbreaking podcast devoted to analyzing the legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles and other artificial intelligence technologies. We will explore policy and regulation implications, legal liability questions, corporate and business considerations, and how these issues intersect with the technologies driving the future of transportation.

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speaking engagements

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  • "Dos and Don’ts of Drones,” 2016 In-House Counsel Summit, Tucker Ellis LLP, Cleveland, Ohio (October 2016) – Tod Northman

media quotes

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Key Contacts

Jay R. Campbell
Tod Northman

Our experience allows our clients to worry less about protecting themselves and focus more on shaping the future. We have handled:

  • jury trials related to artificial intelligence, neural networks, adaptive reasoning, and image navigation systems
  • multiple national products liability multidistrict litigations and class actions
  • litigation management of nationwide commercial vehicle fleets
  • complex negotiations and business arrangements in the aerospace industry
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