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be prepared from negotiation to litigation

The Tucker Ellis Construction Group represents owners, contractors, suppliers, and developers in all aspects of construction. Our group has a thorough understanding of the construction industry acquired from years of hands-on industry experience and representation. Our attorneys include former in-house construction counsel and project managers. This valuable experience gives Tucker Ellis a unique understanding of the issues facing our clients and the skills and experience to best address them.

Client service teams, specially selected from across dozens of Tucker Ellis practice areas, provide individualized solutions even before the shovel goes into the ground. We minimize project costs while meeting schedule and quality objectives. We identify critical issues that can delay a project or increase costs and work to resolve them quickly. We recommend timely resolutions of claims issues and provide legal advocacy during dispute resolution processes. Should litigation become necessary, our attorneys have significant courtroom experience in construction matters, construction defect litigation, complex litigation, and insurance coverage to resolve claims in the most efficient and cost-effective way. And finally, our commitment to alternative fee arrangements removes the risk and uncertainty from fees and costs – allowing us to focus on what matters most to our clients: results.

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