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From the perspective of most business people, many (if not most) attorneys tend to speak in legalese, i.e., the formal and technical language of law that is often hard to understand. What business people want, though, is for their attorneys to speak lingua negoti (ling-gwuh ni-gō-tē) or “the language of business.” Speaking the language of business, however, means more than having a common vernacular. It also encompasses understanding how business people approach and solve problems.

Our goal in launching our blog is twofold. First, of course, we want to inform our readers of recent developments in corporate, M&A, and securities law matters. While we intend to offer our own unique twist and insight into these issues, many corporate blogs exist that cover this landscape. Our second purpose in launching our blog is to have an ambitious goal of creating a common language of business as it relates to these topics.

Through our analysis around these topics, we hope to shape the practice of law as it relates to advising business people. We are setting out to start a dialogue with other professionals and our clients in this area to help create best practices when it comes to addressing business issues that have legal implications. If we are able, along with our colleagues at other law firms, accounting firms, private equity firms, public and private companies, and really all other entities engaged in business, to create a common language and practice around issues that should never get in the way of moving business and transactions forward, we can focus time and resources on the issues particular to a business decision that really matter and that create value.

Thus, in considering the name for our corporate blog, we wanted to convey the “why” and not just the “what” of the blog. Lingua Negoti conveys our desire to help transform the practice of corporate law from simply providing legal advice to helping clients solve their business challenges.

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