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A podcast that analyzes legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles.


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How Autonomous Vehicles Will Reshape Our Cities

In a wide-ranging discussion, that includes a fascinating history of failed transportation revolutions, host Zach Adams, intellectual property litigator Jay Campbell and business lawyer Tod Northman discuss how autonomous vehicles will change our cities. From pocket calculators to Segway, high hopes for technology have produced disappointment. From autonomous vehicles, to ride sharing, to electric scooters, there is a lot of publicity about – and tremendous money behind – the mobility revolution. Will this time be different?

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“~$1 Trillion of Real Estate Is On the Move,” January 2018 (Phil Levin author)

“Airports Cracked Uber and Lyft – Time For Cities to Take Note”, Nov. 20, 2018 (Aarian Marshall author)

“Cars and Second Order Consequences,” March 29, 2017 (Benedict Evans author)

“Minneapolis Moves to Eliminate Mandatory Parking,” Dec. 12, 2018 (Angie Schmitt author)

“No Parking Here”, January/February 2016 (Clive Thompson author)

“Segways Are Back (Sort Of),” August 30, 2018 (Jackie Endres author)

Show Notes

1:32 What changes will autonomous vehicles bring?

7:17 Past efforts have failed. Will this time be different?

11:09 The first signs of change in cities

13:45 As the need for parking spaces wanes, building shapes will change

17:24 First, second, and third order changes

18:46 AV further stresses the economics of mass transit

21:59 Follow the money

24:01 Challenges to AV implementation

Columbus’ Role in Reinventing Mobility

An Interview with Mark Patton, Vice President of Smart Columbus

Columbus muscled its way to the front of forward-thinking cities in 2016 when it stunned six other U.S. cities with much greater tech cred to win the Department of Transportation’s Smart Cities Challenge and be designated America’s Smart City. On this week’s episode, host Zach Adams speaks with Mark Patton, Vice President of the Smart Columbus initiative. Mark and Zach explore Columbus’ role in helping transform American cities, including a preview of Columbus’ downtown autonomous bus service, which will begin shuttling passengers in December 2018.

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Columbus aims to deliver more diversified and nimble transportation options by using data and a connected, complete network that supports healthy activity and a more attractive and sustainable urban form. Mark is a terrific guide to Smart Columbus’ impressive efforts.


Smart Columbus website

Columbus wins $50 million DoT Smart Cities Challenge, July 23, 2016, CNN Business Website (Heather Kelly and Matt McFarland authors)

Why Columbus Won the Smart City Challenge, June 23, 2016, Governing website (Daniel C. Vock author)

Show Notes

3:15 – Why Mark Moved to Columbus
5:02 – What is Smart Columbus
8:30 – Columbus’s Public-Private Partnership Fuels Its Win
12:31 – Electric Vehicles in Columbus
17:55 – What’s in Your Drive Train? ICE versus EV
20:20 – Autonomous Bus Service Hits Columbus
29:30 – Public-Private Partnership
31:15 – Smart City Grant
36:40– Growing Columbus’s Public Transit Options
39:40– Experiments in Micro Mobility
43:48– People Love Electric Scooters
46:45– Connected Vehicle Deployment
51:07– Challenges to Deploying Autonomous Vehicles