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"Your AI Is Racist." An Accusation That Is Probably More Accurate Than You Think

March 19, 2021 - Westlaw Today
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Your AI is racist. It is probably also sexist, ageist, and elitist. The existence of bias in artificial intelligence (AI) systems has gained much attention as of late.

From mortgage approval algorithms to facial recognition systems to medical diagnostic support systems, the popular press has even begun to take note. So, too, should any organization that develops, sells, or utilizes AI and ML (machine learning) systems.

The threats of liability can be subtle but are very real at all points in the healthcare/medicine delivery system. Care must be taken to understand what bias is, where it comes from, and how to mitigate its potential negative effects.

Only in this way can a systematic approach to preparing for the legal aspects of bias be initiated.

Read the article by Tod Northman and Brad Goldstein of ProCrysAI LLC here.

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