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Safeopedia Quotes Tod Northman on AI's Potential in Workplace Health and Safety

June 2019
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Tod Northman provided expert commentary to Safeopedia for its article "Straight from the Experts: How Will AI Fit into Health and Safety in the Workplace?"

"Deploying internet-connected sensors and wearables, businesses have only started to identify the potential of AI to promote the health and safety of workers," Tod said. "Such monitoring devices provide robust raw data on working environments and individual health conditions; yoking such information to AI’s analytic strength of making connections, processing at fantastical speeds, and predicting will permit employees to anticipate and avoid unsafe situations, both immediate and recurrent."

"Longer term, it will promote workflow redesign to enhance efficiency and safety. If employers are willing to share their data across industries, the benefits will be amplified dramatically," he continued. "Analytics will also help identify and avoid human error, from insufficient training to rule breaking to unreasonable expectations."

Read the article here.

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