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Championship-Caliber Dealmakers Understand the Language of Business

January 2018 - Crain's Cleveland Business
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by Christopher Hewitt and Jayne Juvan

As LeBron James has certainly witnessed this season with the subpar start by the Cavs, building a team that includes the right players who understand the game on all levels is critical to cultivating a winning ball club. LeBron is regularly touted as being a player with a high basketball IQ, and his comprehensive understanding of the language of basketball has led to three NBA championships, three NBA Finals MVP awards and four NBA MVP awards.

Similarly, in the context of corporate transactions, making sure that attorneys on the deal team have the capacity to understand the language of business, or lingua negoti, is critical to accomplishing a client’s objectives. Lawyers who understand business on all levels ensure that corporate transactions close and help their clients accomplish their goals with skillful precision. Conversely, the absence of business-savvy attorneys on a deal team can become an impediment to closing the deal.

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