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Northman and Sanders to speak on entity veil piercing

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On March 26, corporate partner Tod Northman and litigation associate Emmanuel Sanders will present “Piercing the Limited Liability Veil – Avoiding Mistakes and Minimizing Exposure" in a national 1.5-hour webinar.

Businesses use corporations or other limited liability entities to shield their unrelated assets from liability. The “entity veil” describes the separation of a business entity from its owners and their assets. In limited circumstances, courts will pierce the entity veil and hold an entity’s owners liable for the obligations of a business entity. Courts have traditionally been loose with terminology surrounding analysis of veil-piercing claims. Northman and Sanders will isolate the essential factors that courts have considered important enough to merit application of the extraordinary remedy. They will delve into the differences between piercing the entity veil of a limited liability company or other forms of limited liability entities and address other factors, such as jurisdiction and forum selection. They will address formation and ongoing operational considerations appropriate for a large corporation, a closely held business, or an individual.

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