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Summary of Financial Projections Issues in Recent ESOP Litigation
Autumn 2019, INSIGHTS: ESOP Litigation Thought Leadership
By: Chelsea Mikula
INSIGHT: California Employers Get Break as State Court Scales Back PAGA Civil Penalties
October 2019, Bloomberg Law
By: Juan A. Aragon, Ndubisi Ezeolu
The Impeachment of Justice Samuel Chase and the Rise of Judicial Review
Fall 2019, ABA Litigation, Volume 46, Number 1
By: Richard A. Dean
The Un-Easy Street of Class Action Settlements: Strategies for Preventing and Mitigating Fraud in Claims Administration
September 2019, ABA Section of Litigation, Class Actions & Derivative Suits
By: Jennifer L. Mesko, Chelsea Smith
Proposed Rules Convey Shift in SEC's Disclosure Approach
September 2019, Law360
By: Robert M. Loesch, Daniel L. Schiau II
Legal Standards and Strategies for Obtaining Attorneys' Fees in Intellectual Property Cases
August 2019, DRI's For The Defense
By: Brian K. Brookey, Steven E. Lauridsen
The Postnuptial Agreement Renaissance – Can Ohio Emerge from the Dark Ages?
July/August 2019, Probate Law Journal of Ohio
By: Joseph M. Ferraro, Susan L. Racey
Ranbaxy Revisited: Rejecting the Performance-based Approach to No-injury Class Actions?
August 2019, DRI's For The Defense
By: Emmanuel I. Sanders
SCOTUS Term in Review and Fall Term Preview: An Uncertain Forecast
August 2019, Equality Ohio Blog
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler
Report on the FDA Cannabis Hearing: Passionate Presenters Urge Clarity in Regulation of Complex Industry
July 2019, Westlaw Expert Analysis
By: Ronie M. Schmelz, Victoria L. Vance
5 Hard Phrases Lawyers Should Master
July 2019, Law360
By: Karen E. Ross
Preemption vs. Public Nuisance, in Aviation and Opioids
July 2019, Law360
By: Richard A. Dean
Best Practices for Using an Origin and Cause Expert
July 2019, Sound Advice Podcast, ABA Section of Litigation
By: Chelsea Smith
Stop the Presses – Supreme Court Decides a Dormant Commerce Clause Case
July 2019, Drug & Device Law Blog
By: Richard A. Dean
High Court Opts for Incremental Approach to LGBT Issues
July 2019, Law360
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler
The "Newly Acquired Information" Shift in Pharma Litigation
June 2019, Law360
By: Richard A. Dean
The New Disrupter: Blockchain & Smart Contracts
May 2019, Properties Magazine
By: Justin J. Eddy
Proposed FAA Rules Would Facilitate Drone Use to Save Lives and Make Money
May 2019, Westlaw Journal Aviation
By: Savannah M. Fox, Tod Northman
Consolidating Accident Data
By: Clifford S. Mendelsohn
Failure Is an Option
Spring 2019, Ethical Boardroom
By: Christopher J. Hewitt, Jayne E. Juvan
Just the Facts: AV Legislation Is Necessary, but It Can't Happen Without Research
Winter 2019, Inter Alia, Federal Bar Association Northern District of Ohio Chapter
By: Zachary J. Adams, Tod Northman
INSIGHT: Tesla's Woes Increase As Stockholder Requests Records After Musk Tweets
May 2019, Bloomberg Law
By: Tod Northman, Daniel L. Schiau II
Don't Let License Rules Snuff Out Your Fire Expert
May 2019, Law360
By: Joseph A. Manno, John P. Patterson, Chelsea Smith
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