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The "Newly Acquired Information" Shift in Pharma Litigation
June 2019, Law360
By: Richard A. Dean
The New Disrupter: Blockchain & Smart Contracts
May 2019, Properties Magazine
By: Justin J. Eddy
Proposed FAA Rules Would Facilitate Drone Use to Save Lives and Make Money
May 2019, Westlaw Journal Aviation
By: Savannah M. Fox, Tod Northman
Consolidating Accident Data
By: Clifford S. Mendelsohn
Failure Is an Option
Spring 2019, Ethical Boardroom
By: Christopher J. Hewitt, Jayne E. Juvan
Just the Facts: AV Legislation Is Necessary, but It Can't Happen Without Research
Winter 2019, Inter Alia, Federal Bar Association Northern District of Ohio Chapter
By: Zachary J. Adams, Tod Northman
INSIGHT: Tesla's Woes Increase As Stockholder Requests Records After Musk Tweets
May 2019, Bloomberg Law
By: Tod Northman, Daniel L. Schiau, II
Don't Let License Rules Snuff Out Your Fire Expert
May 2019, Law360
By: Joseph A. Manno, John P. Patterson, Chelsea Smith
How Successful AV Development Might Play Out
April 2019, Automotive News
By: Zachary F. Kasnetz, Tod Northman
Will Opportunity Zones Accelerate Gentrification or Spur Critical Investment in Distressed Areas?
April 2019, Construction Executive
By: Joseph P. Koncelik, John C. (Chaz) Weber
Insight: Billions in Termination Fees at Play Over Failed Mergers
April 2019, Bloomberg Law
By: Kristen A. Baracy, Tod Northman
Off We Go Into the Wild Intergalactic Yonder - Defense Department Submits Proposal for "Space Force"
April 2019, Westlaw Journal
By: Tod Northman, Christine M. Snyder
The Fall of Gold & the Rise of the American Economy
April 2019, Washington Lawyer
By: Richard A. Dean
Insurance Policy Rescission Compendium - Ohio
April 2019, DRI Defense Library Series
By: Karl A. Bekeny, Paul L. Janowicz
A National Counsel Model for Vehicle Fleet Accident Cases
April 2019, Law360
By: Clifford S. Mendelsohn
Ohio Legislature Propels E-Bike Legislation Across Finish Line
March 2019, Ohio State Bar Association's Law You Can Use
By: Patricia L. Seifert
Unsatisfying Answers in 4th Circ. Retirement Plan Ruling
March 2019, Law360
By: Chelsea Mikula, Scott J. Stitt
Record Keeping and Forum Selection Can Limit ESI Requests
March 2019, Law360
By: Tod Northman, Daniel L. Schiau, II
9th Annual Update of Take-Home Asbestos Duty Decisions: 2018 Rulings Highlight Litigation Landscape
March 2019, HarrisMartin's COLUMNS-Asbestos
By: Giuseppe W. Pappalardo, Karen E. Ross, Carter E. Strang
Arguing Both Sides of the Excesses of Government Power
Volume 45, Number 2, Winter 2019, ABA Litigation
By: Richard A. Dean
Stop, Drop, and Think: A Futurist's Plea for Caution in the Age of AI
March 2019, Legaltech News, New York Law Journal
By: Elisabeth C. Arko, Tod Northman
Illinois Supreme Court Rules in Biometric Information Privacy Act Case
Winter 2019, ABA Section of Litigation, Class Actions & Derivative Suits
By: Emily S. Knight, Jennifer L. Mesko
Trump v. Hawaii Is Korematsu All Over Again
Spring 2019, Volume 29:2, George Mason Civil Rights Law Journal
By: Richard A. Dean
Advice for Building a Foundation of Resiliency
March 2019, DRI's For The Defense
By: Sandra J. Wunderlich
Social Media Marketing: The Path to Riches or Ruin?
March 2019, Nutrition Industry Executive
By: Ryan Evans, Matthew I. Kaplan
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