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Opening Boardroom Doors to Women
Winter 2018, Ethical Boardroom
By: Jayne E. Juvan
Your Case Has Been Remanded by the MDL Court - Now What?
February 2018, Law360
By: Brandon D. Cox, Charissa N. Walker
A Guide to the Evolving Executive Compensation Landscape
February 2018, Bloomberg Law
By: Jayne E. Juvan
The Last Nail in the Coffin of Stream-of-Commerce Personal Jurisdiction
January 2018, DRI's For The Defense
By: Katya S. Cronin, Richard A. Dean
Lessons for Data Breach Lawyers from Product Liability
January 2018, Law360
By: Michael J. Ruttinger
Championship-Caliber Dealmakers Understand the Language of Business
January 2018, Crain's Cleveland Business
By: Christopher J. Hewitt, Jayne E. Juvan
Policing for Profit? A Primer on Ohio's Forfeiture Statutes
January 2018, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal
By: Adrienne B. Kirshner, John F. McCaffrey, Anthony R. Petruzzi
Corporate Deals Under Scrutiny
January 2018, Smart Business Dealmakers
By: Jayne E. Juvan
The Tricky Side of Brand Partner Agreements
January 2018, MultiBriefs
By: Anne Swoboda Cruz, Matthew I. Kaplan
When Supplement Product Advertising Goes Too Far
January/February 2018, Nutrition Industry Executive
By: Anne Swoboda Cruz, Matthew I. Kaplan
CGC In Sight
December 2017 (Volume III, Issue IV)
By: Jayne E. Juvan, Robert M. Loesch
Why the Customer Can't Always Be Right in Product Liability Litigation
December 2017 - Second Edition, IADC Product Liability Newsletter
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler, Scott J. Wilkov
Uber's Continuing Corporate Governance Crisis: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire?
December 2017, Bloomberg Law Corporate Law & Accountability Report
By: Christopher J. Hewitt
Ohio Supreme Court Resolves Appellate Court Split: Statements of Fault Are Inadmissible Under the Ohio Apology Statute
December 2017, DRI's Raising the Bar
By: Brandon D. Cox, Christina E. Marino
When Product Liability Claims Are Hidden From Bankruptcy
December 2017, Law360
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler, Melissa Z. Kelly
U.S. Supreme Court 2017 Year-in-Review: The Nine Again, and Upcoming Cases
December 2017, Bloomberg Law, The United States Law Week Case Alert & Legal News
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler
Seventh Circuit Rejects the "Cumulative Exposure" Opinion as an Inadmissible Repackaging of the Unsound "Each and Every Exposure" Opinion
Winter 2018, American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Mass Torts Litigation Committee
By: Knight S. Anderson
Books & Records Requests: A 19th Century Request Becomes a 21st Century Litigation Tool
November 2017, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal
By: Jon W. Oebker
Keeping the Champagne on Ice: Ohio Law Ups Age Limit on Custodial Accounts for Minors
November 2017, Crain's Cleveland Business
By: Joseph M. Ferraro, Susan L. Racey
Closing the Leadership Gap in Law Firms
November 2017, DRI's For The Defense
By: Sandra J. Wunderlich
Satellite Witnesses Part II: Strategic Considerations Before and During Trial
October 2017 - Second Edition, IADC Product Liability Newsletter
By: Sherry A. Knutson
Good Faith, Bad Faith, No Faith: Will a Subjective Good Faith Standard Influence How Litigants Approach Mediation?
Fall 2017, ABA Business and Corporate Litigation Committee Newsletter
By: Brian J. Laliberte
Combatting "If You Had Known" Hypotheticals
November 2017, DRI's For The Defense
By: Madeline B. Dennis
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