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Marc Greenberg Quoted on Charter School Suit

September 2020
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On September 13, The San Diego Union-Tribune quoted Marc Greenberg in its article, "Inspire Charter School Sues Parent Corporation Alleging Fraud, Millions of Missing Dollars." The article addresses the suit brought by Granite Mountain Charter School against Provenance, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, and allegations that Provenance "moved $70 million in and out of Granite Mountain’s bank account" over the course of the last school year. According to the lawsuit, over $5 million was moved to Provenance and millions more were transferred to other Inspire-affiliated schools, while over $30 million was transferred to unidentified recipients.

Marc, who is representing Granite Mountain Charter School in the lawsuit, said that in California, dollars that are allocated for public education follow students to their charter schools and districts.

"These are state funds that are allocated for a very specific purpose and based on students in chairs, and so you can’t just take money from one school that has X number of students … and simply move it around," he said.

Read the article here.

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