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Ohio Adopts New Limited Liability Company Act
February 2021
By: Ludgy A. LaRochelle, Glenn E. Morrical, Daniel L. Schiau II
How to Approach Pandemic Relief for Ohio Real Property Taxes
February 2021
By: John P. Slagter, Anthony R. Vacanti
Trademark Modernization Act of 2020: Benefits to Trademark Owners
January 2021
By: Nicholas B. Clifford, Helena M. Guye
Ohio Enacts Significant Legal Protections for Employers
January 2021
By: Daniel L. Messeloff
Questions Remain as Ohio Supreme Court Rules on Lawsuit Alleging Unauthorized Disclosure of PHI
January 2021
By: Susan M. Audey, Emily Jaye Johnson, Raymond Krncevic
New California Employment Laws for 2021: What You Don't Know May Hurt You
December 2020
By: Lisa I. Carteen, Jane H. Davidson, Ndubisi (Bisi) A. Ezeolu, Samlecia Gaye, Ritsa Gountoumas, Edward W. Racek
The Biden Administration: What to Expect in IP
November 2020
By: Michael G. Craig, Helena M. Guye
How Will the COVID-19 Good Samaritan Expansion Bill Impact Ohio Colleges and Universities?
October 2020
By: Lex R. Ehrenschwender, John A. Favret III, Michael J. Ruttinger
Ohio COVID-19 Legal Immunity Legislation Signed Into Law
September 2020
By: Erica M. James, Raymond Krncevic
California Expands Exemptions to AB 5's Infamous Independent Contractor Test
September 2020
By: Ndubisi (Bisi) A. Ezeolu, Ritsa Gountoumas
State Attorneys General Sue FDIC to Invalidate "Valid-When-Made" Rule
August 2020
By: Lauren E. Lipsyc, Glenn E. Morrical
Ohio Nears Passage of Legal Immunity Legislation for COVID-19-related Cases
August 2020
By: Erica M. James, Raymond Krncevic
Are You Affected by the Blackbaud Ransomware Attack?
August 2020
By: Robert J. Hanna, Daniel L. Messeloff
California, Illinois, and New York Sue to Invalidate OCC "Valid When Made" Rule
July 2020
By: Kristen A. Baracy, Lauren E. Lipsyc, Glenn E. Morrical, Thomas W. Ostrowski
Supreme Court of Ohio Clarifies that Class Action Settlements Are Res Judicata as to Class Members Who Do Not Formally "Opt Out"
July 2020
By: Susan M. Audey, Emily Jaye Johnson, Michael J. Ruttinger, Benjamin C. Sassé
United States Supreme Court Extends Title VII Protections to LGBT Employees
June 2020
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler, Ndubisi (Bisi) A. Ezeolu, Melissa Z. Kelly, Christine M. Snyder
OCC Rule Provides Loan Transferees with Protection from Usury Laws
June 2020
By: Kristen A. Baracy, Lauren E. Lipsyc, Glenn E. Morrical, Thomas W. Ostrowski
What Colleges and Universities Should Know About Tuition- and Fee-Reimbursement Lawsuits
May 15, 2020
By: Karl A. Bekeny, John Q. Lewis, Courtney E. S. Mendelsohn, Michael J. Ruttinger, Kevin M. Young
Federal Reserve Expands Main Street Lending Program
May 13, 2020
By: Kristen A. Baracy, Christopher J. Hewitt, Peter A. Igel, Jayne E. Juvan, Ludgy A. LaRochelle, Robert M. Loesch, Arthur E. Mertes, Glenn E. Morrical, Brian M. O'Neill, Thomas W. Ostrowski, Dana S. Rogers, Peter A. Rome, Daniel L. Schiau II
Ohio Releases Responsible RestartOhio Plan Allowing Many – But Not All – Businesses in Ohio to Reopen
April 30, 2020
By: Victor T. Geraci, Melissa Z. Kelly, Daniel L. Messeloff, Carl F. Muller, Thomas R. Simmons, Christine M. Snyder
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