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Increasingly more prevalent in modern litigation, e-discovery can significantly increase litigation costs and provide opposing counsel a potential avenue to create case controversy where none exists. A leader in e-discovery, Tucker Ellis minimizes potential e-discovery issues so that our clients can focus on litigating the case. Our E-Discovery Group successfully navigates the e-discovery landscape for our clients, making the often complicated process of e-discovery not only manageable, but seamless.

We successfully handle the e-discovery process in matters of every size – from small cases for privately held businesses to significant, complex class action lawsuits involving Fortune 500® companies. Our group includes senior attorneys, technology professionals, and experienced staff trained in managing all aspects of the e-discovery process, including network mapping of electronically stored information (ESI), conducting custodial interviews to identify potentially relevant data, preparing for the collection of ESI, and negotiating ESI protocols designed to minimize potential discovery disputes, as well as reduce the scope and cost of e-discovery. We combine our knowledge and resources to counsel clients in the development of economical e-discovery plans that not only provide a defensible e-discovery process, but prevent opponents from forcing unreasonable obligations and expense.

Our E-Discovery Group has a unique advantage compared to the e-discovery processes at many law firms. Tucker Ellis has partnered with a national vendor to provide our clients with e-discovery services at substantially reduced rates. These capabilities and our relationship with the vendor allow us to manage the e-discovery needs of our clients in a cost efficient manner, giving us a competitive advantage in the e-discovery workspace.

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areas of emphasis

  • Legal hold management – notification, identification, and interviews of custodians
  • Determination and implementation of coding parameters and key-word queries
  • Data mapping, collection, coordination, storage, and preservation
  • Document review – protocols, automated analysis, and predictive coding
  • Document production and creation of privilege logs
  • Data management and e-discovery policy development

2018 Year in Review

2018 was an important year for the development of guidance in handling e-discovery issues. Hundreds of courts throughout the United States analyzed and decided issues that will have—and already have had—a large impact on discovery. These cases involve a wide array of topics, from production of social media accounts to the government’s use of cell site location information to the applicability of Rule 26’s proportionality requirements. The Tucker Ellis E-Discovery Group has compiled a list of the most significant e-discovery cases during 2018, grouped by topic, to provide insight and guidance as we study these new developments in e-discovery. Click here to access the 2018 Year in Review.

Key Contact



  • Conducted e-discovery project management for a telecommunications company in a multimillion-dollar commercial dispute involving millions of electronic documents in multiple languages and across multiple platforms
  • Conducted e-discovery project management for a major pharmaceutical company in multidistrict litigation related to a product liability case involving hundreds of thousands of documents
  • Provided e-discovery services for a top ten U.S. pharmaceutical company in two multidistrict litigations
  • Assisted with project management and conducted e-discovery involving several million documents for top-tier U.S. and Asian pharmaceutical companies utilizing multiple review platforms
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