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SHRM Quotes Christine Snyder on Hiring During COVID-19

May 2020 - SHRM
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On May 26, SHRM quoted Christine Snyder on hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because states and localities often take different approaches to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, employers must address various employee issues - including concerns over physical contact.

Christine said that prospective employees may be worried about physical proximity while interviewing and during their first weeks in the workplace. She underscored the importance of making new employees feel safe.

"To the extent feasible, the interview and hiring process should be handled remotely," Christine advised, adding that both Interviews and training can be handled using platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. If it is necessary for applicants and new employees to be physically present in the workplace, she suggests that interviewing and onboarding take place "in a location that allows for adequate physical distancing between the individuals involved and for minimal contacts."

Read the article here.

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