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Ronie Schmelz Comments on Farm Bill and Its Impact on CBD and Marijuana Legalization

March 2019 - Marijuana Venture and Green Entrepreneur
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Ronie Schmelz was quoted in Marijuana Venture and Green Entrepreneur about the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (the Farm Bill) and misconceptions as to its effect on the legality of CBD and marijuana.

Ronie said that while the Farm Bill allows hemp farmers to grow crops legally, it doesn't address the legality of end-product sales.

"That remains within the purview of each individual state," she said, "and states have taken different approaches to the legalization of marijuana."

Responding to the lack of legal clarity, Ronie said, "It is still a quagmire," adding, "I think a lot of people assume that because the Farm Bill was passed, it's open season now and it's risk-free to go ahead and sell products that contain hemp products that meet the definition in the Farm Bill. That's simply not the case."

Read the article here.

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