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Rob Hanna and Elisa Arko Make Cybersecurity and Privacy Predictions for 2019 in Legaltech News

December 2018 - Legaltech News
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On December 18, Rob Hanna and Elisa Arko were among the top attorneys and experts in the field of cybersecurity and privacy to make predictions to Legaltech News for 2019.

"With news of cyber breaches bombarding us daily, we anticipate the continued growth and implementation of blockchain technology to address cybersecurity and privacy threats in 2019," they said. "Blockchain technology contains inherent features that make it a natural solution to mitigate these risks. Its key features include: (1) decentralized architecture (no longer able to attack a centralized database); (2) consensus validation (continued validation of the integrity of the data); and (3) encryption (sophisticated monitoring of the computers authorized to transact on the blockchain). As we continue to search for ways to combat cyber risks, and we are searching, blockchain technology is a potential solution. The cyber risks continue to evolve in complexity and intensity. So must we."

Read the article here.

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