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Talking Politics at Work: What Employers Should Know This Election Season

May 2016 - Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal
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by Tom Simmons and Christine Snyder, published in Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal

As Cleveland braces for the influx of GOP Convention delegates this July, the 2016 presidential campaign has been dominating the national collective consciousness for months. Fueled by non-stop media coverage, discussions of the candidates' policy positions and political antics have no doubt popped up around the water coolers of America’s workplaces. So, what does this heightened political focus mean for employers? Well, in addition to the inevitable loss of productivity from employees’ countless time spent rehashing the previous night’s debate performances or state election results, there can also be real legal consequences for employers who fail to address inappropriate political discourse in the workplace or who improperly interfere with employees' rights to participate in the political process. To learn about just a few of the issues that employers should keep in mind this election season and tips on how to avoid trouble before it starts, read the article here.

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