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Petruzzi, Kirshner, and Rzepka Make 2019 E-Discovery Predictions in Legaltech News

December 2018 - LegalTech News
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On December 19, Tony Petruzzi, Adrienne Kirshner, and Stephanie Rzepka were among the attorneys consulted by LegalTech News to provide predictions in the area of e-discovery for 2019.

"We expect to see the threat of ESI platform data breaches move to the forefront in 2019," they commented. "ESI platforms offer sophisticated hackers means, motive, and opportunity because the platforms store concentrated sensitive information that must be accessible from multiple points and devices. Furthermore, the risk of a breach heightens during transfers, but the discovery process necessitates that ESI be transferred from the proprietor to an ESI vendor and then legal counsel. We predict that law firms and vendors will turn their attention to ensuring that they are not the weak link in this chain."

Read the article here.

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