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Ohio Legislature Propels E-Bike Legislation Across Finish Line

March 2019 - Ohio State Bar Association's Law You Can Use
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If you like to hit the trails on the weekends or commute to work by bike, you may already know that your regular bicycle is recognized as a vehicle under the law and that you must follow certain laws to operate it. But if your bicycle has a motor, you may be surprised to discover that state legislatures have only begun to tackle how to differentiate and define electric bicycles - or e-bikes - and regulate their operation and equipment standards. The primary challenge is in identifying the distinction between e-bikes and other motorized vehicles, such as scooters and mopeds.

Until recently, Ohio was one of only 20 states without e-bike regulation. In November 2018, Ohio passed House Bill 250 to establish requirements for using electric bicycles. Ohio’s new law went into effect on March 8, 2019 and explicitly excludes e-bikes from the definition of motor vehicles, motorized bicycles and mopeds. Under the law, all bicycles, including e-bikes, are defined as vehicles subject to regulation for both equipment and operation.

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