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Law360 Quotes Tod Northman on FAA Air Traffic Control Provisions

June 2017 - Law360
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On June 30, Law360 quoted Tod Northman in "3 Provisions to Watch in the FAA Reauthorization Bills," an article discussing FAA funding and congressional efforts to revamp and fund airport infrastructure upgrades.

The U.S. Senate has set forth a reauthorization bill through 2021 that includes provisions on consumer protection, drone regulation, and aircraft certification. The Senate's proposed legislation rejects a House proposal to remove from the federal government and transfer to an independent non-profit corporation the operation and management of the air traffic control system.

"In the current political climate, the Senate legislation is remarkable. It addresses the most pressing aviation issues, enjoys bipartisan backing and would provide long-term stability," Tod said. "By contrast, the House proposal recycles past failures. Rep. [Bill] Shuster's continued pursuit of privatized air traffic control system is a non-starter even if it made it out of the House, as it lacks support in the Senate."

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