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Joe Morford Presents Webinar on AFAs and Relationships in a COVID-19 World

May 21, 2020
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On May 19, Joe Morford presented "A Candid Discussion About Alternative Fee Arrangements in a COVID-19 World." The CLE webinar was designed for both in-house counsel and law firms, both of which are facing complicated issues as a result of the coronavirus. Joe focused on the importance of relationships, understanding challenges, and offering choices.

In his presentation, Joe stressed that fee arrangements outside of the billable hour are good for both clients and firms. For clients, they provide cost predictability, budget certainty, and flexibility, along with less administrative work. For firms, they improve cash flow and allow them to focus on what's important: success and accomplishments, as opposed to billing hours.

Trust and communication are imperative for successful relationships, Joe said, underscoring the importance of true partnership between clients and firms, especially during tough times.

"Of course we're there to help," Joe said. "These are the companies that helped get us to where we are today. Why would we not help them when they're in a time of need? That's what good relationships are all about."

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