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Jayne Juvan and Ampex Brands CFO Eric Eastman Discuss Au Bon Pain Acquisition on Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast

July 2021
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Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast episode 118 features Jayne Juvan and Ampex Brands CFO Eric Easton discussing Ampex's recent acquisition of Panera Bread's Au Bon Pain.

Having led the team representing Ampex, Jayne commented, "When the deal first hit my desk, I though the opportunity here is limitless. This has the chance to just be a win-win for everyone - a win for the brand a win for Ampex."

Underscoring the critical importance of a trusted attorney-client relationship, Eric said that without trust, you can't delegate responsibility to some level to your partners, which makes it difficult to get anything done.

"And that's why we stay with Tucker Ellis ... there's a level of trust there, and you don't have to look over your shoulder because you know they're looking out for you," Eric said.

Listen to the podcast here.

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