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Dan Messeloff Quoted in TechTarget on Employee Social Activism

November 2019
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On November 20, TechTarget quoted Dan Messeloff in "6 Employee Activism Lessons HR Needs Today." The article discusses the practice of workers taking action to change or influence the actions of their employers and shares tips for business and human resources leaders.

"[What] HR should learn from all of this is that [employee social activism] is the new normal," Dan commented. "Social media isn't going away, and emboldened, socially active employees aren't going away."

Dan also suggested that it is beneficial for HR to work with marketing departments "to monitor social media and references to the company online to make sure that any issues relating to employee activism are handled sensitively and appropriately, whether from an HR perspective or from a marketing and PR perspective."

Finally, Dan commented that employers should think twice before responding to employees’ social media posts because they are outside of the employer’s control.

"Now, there is also a risk that an employee may publicize on social media that a company doesn't care about the social issue about which the employee expressed concern, since the employee brought her attention to management and was subsequently disciplined, fired or whatever action took place,"  he said.

Read the article here.

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