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Bill Dance Quoted on "Diet" Suits Against Soft Drink Manufacturers

October 2017
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On October 19, FoodNavigator-USA quoted Bill Dance on lawsuits filed against soft drink companies, alleging that their use of the term "diet" to describe soft drinks sweetened with aspartame and other high-intensity sweeteners are misleading consumers by implying that such products "will assist in weight loss or management," when some studies are finding that the opposite may be true. Bill commented that as plaintiffs attempt to prove their case, companies may stop using the term "diet" to describe their soft drinks in the future.

"Newer low-calorie drinks like Coke Zero, Pepsi Zero Sugar, and Dr. Pepper 10 escape this legal challenge because they are not [marketed as] 'diet' drinks," Bill explained. "Their names simply state content (or lack of content) and leave it to consumers to draw their own conclusions about resulting health impacts. If these suits gain traction, finding content-based replacement terms for 'diet,' terms that cannot be viewed as asserting likely health outcomes, may be a solution for manufacturers."

Read the article here.