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Advice for Building a Foundation of Resiliency

March 2019 - DRI's For The Defense
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The dictionary includes two definitions of "resiliency": it is both the capacity to recover quickly from a setback, and the ability to be elastic. Both definitions highlight why resiliency is critical for female lawyers. The practice of law is challenging. We all experience setbacks at times, which can make us shy away from risks. While being risk adverse makes us good lawyers, taking fewer risks for ourselves translates into fewer opportunities overall. Thus, it is important that we are able to bounce back from the inevitable setbacks and remain willing to take risks. We also need the ability to adjust quickly to changing circumstances and give ourselves a break when things do not go as planned.

Although we know that we need resiliency in our practice and in our lives, it is hard to know how to develop it before we encounter a situation in which we need it. It turns out that resilient people share common attitudes and characteristics that contribute to their ability to rise from the ashes. This article shares the advice that resilient people offer on how to develop resiliency.

Read the article here.

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