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lingua negoti
ling-gwuh ni-gō-tē: the language of business


21 blog posts found with category Mergers & Acquisitions

Energy Intelligence Finance quotes Chris Hewitt on Icahn's Oxy strategy
Bob Loesch quoted in Boardroom INSIDER on stock buy-backs
Jayne Juvan moderates acquisitions panel at Aspire 2019
FTC announces annual adjustments to the HSR filing thresholds and Interlocking Directorates"Size of transaction" and "size of parties" thresholds to increase; filing fees and maximum daily penalties do not
How can stockholders overcome hurdles to make a books and records request under state corporate law?And how can corporations defend against overbroad requests?
Stifling debate at board meetings can destroy value at your portfolio company
How should cash and rollover equity be treated in the working capital true-up?A different perspective on two common issues
What aspects of working capital should parties to a transaction be able to dispute?To limit disputes, the parties must first accurately define working capital
Should parties to a transaction use the working capital true-up to renegotiate purchase price?
Are you properly addressing working capital in your purchase agreement?A different perspective on working capital true-ups in M&A transactions
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A podcast that analyzes legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles.
Perspectives on employee benefits, executive compensation and ERISA litigation to help you attract and retain talent.
lingua negoti
The language of business.
Ohio Environmental
Insights and commentary for the business and legal community.