Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Liability

The Tucker Ellis Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Liability Group represents and counsels clients in the local, regional, and national defense of medical device and pharmaceutical liability cases. Our exceptional lawyers, paralegals, and nurse paralegals work at the forefront of science and medicine with nationally known experts to defend litigation and assist our clients with regulatory matters, such as developing appropriate warnings and evaluating pharmacovigilance practices. Our scope of clients, our national leadership roles for those clients in headline litigation, and our exceptional trial attorneys make ours an outstanding practice.

We routinely litigate cases throughout the United States, and have tried to verdict cases for our clients in dozens of states. We serve as national coordinating counsel as well as regional and local counsel on behalf of our clients. Experienced in multidistrict litigation, we serve as liaison defense counsel in numerous state MDLs, including California-coordinated proceedings, in the defense of large groups of cases. Our team also assists foreign lawyers in the defense of cases and class actions filed outside the United States.

Ranked at the Nationwide level by Chambers USA for the quality of our representation of our clients, sources comment that our team is "an exceptional group," and that we are "cutting-edge in the product liability defense arena." The Legal 500 (United States edition) reported that Tucker Ellis "displays 'flexibility and creativity' and offers 'high quality, experienced attorneys' at affordable rates."

Chambers USA Shortlisted 2017

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