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what we do / Long Term Care

the vision of long-term
care is rapidly changing

Long term care facilities and home healthcare businesses continue to increase as our population ages and more and more seniors are in need of these services. Tucker Ellis is unique in that it offers both trial and corporate experience and has considerable depth in terms of long term care and provider defense. Our team has significant experience managing litigation statewide and enforcing arbitration agreements. In addition, we offer non-litigation counsel regarding best business practices and risk management. Our strong advocacy practice at the local, state, and federal levels is an added benefit to our long term care clients.

Providers of long term care need to have claims promptly evaluated so that significant claims can be directly and aggressively addressed without wasting resources on meritless claims or minor issues. Using the medical, pharmaceutical and nursing experience of our attorneys and the expert witnesses developed in our Medical Pharmaceutical practice, Tucker Ellis client resources are effectively directed through early case evaluation.

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