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If You Build It, Plaintiffs Will Come: A Guide to Weeding Out Unmeritorious Claims in Mass Coordinated Product Liability Proceedings

June 30, 2017 - DRI's RX for the Defense
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By Nicholas Janizeh and Amanda Villalobos, published in DRI's RX for the Defense

We all know the story. You find yourself in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) or state coordinated proceeding with hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs, many of whom you suspect have no legitimate basis for their claims.Mass coordinated proceedings are like catnip for plaintiffs’ attorneys. Once the proceeding is underway, plaintiffs often come out of the woodwork with dollar signs in their eyes hoping to mask their questionable cases among many in an attempt to score a big payday with minimal effort.

For a few tips to help discourage plaintiffs from filing illegitimate lawsuits and keep your client from spending money litigating unmeritorious claims, read the article here.