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Navigating Internet Marketing in the Current Version of the Digital Age
Fall 2017
by Anne Swoboda Cruz, Avril G. Love, published in In-House Defense Quarterly More
The Resale Price Maintenance Two-Step
October 2017
by Anne Swoboda Cruz, Patrick J. Pascarella, Stephanie A. Rzepka, published in DRI's For The Defense More
Evaluating "Loser Pays" Clauses in Arbitration Agreements
October 2017
by Brian J. Laliberte, published in Law360 More
How Bristol-Myers Squibb May Transform Class Actions
October 2017
by Richard A. Dean, Michael J. Ruttinger, published in Law360 More
Interlocking Directorates - Not Just a Section 8 Issue
October 6, 2017
by Nathan T. Newman, Patrick J. Pascarella, published in Law360 More