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NLRB Issues Two Decisions Overturning Challenging Standards for Employers
December 2017
By: Dana S. Elfvin, Victor T. Geraci, Daniel L. Messeloff
Ohio Bill Proposes Safe Harbor Against Breach Suits to Businesses Maintaining Recognized Cybersecurity Programs
December 2017
By: William H. Berglund, Robert J. Hanna, Victoria L. Vance
California Set to Impose Time Limits on Depositions in Many Asbestos Cases
July 2017
By: Anthony D. Brosamle, Valeria Golodnitska
Three Key Employment Lessons from Uber
June 2017
By: Robert A. Cutbirth, Ndubisi Ezeolu, Edward W. Racek
TC Heartland: Supreme Court Holds That Home Is Where the Heart Is
May 2017
By: Jay R. Campbell, Marissa M. Ennis
E-Discovery "Self-Collectors" Beware: New Federal Rule Could Pose Problems
February 2017
By: Frederick D. Cruz, Anthony R. Petruzzi
"Take-Home" Asbestos Claims Rulings by California and Georgia Supreme Courts Impact Claim Viability
December 2016
By: Daniel J. Kelly, Karen E. Ross, Carter E. Strang
Department of Labor's New Overtime Rule Blocked, For Now
November 2016
By: Thomas R. Simmons, Christine M. Snyder
Federal Judge Blocks CMS's Ban on Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements
November 2016
By: Kelli R. Novak, Victoria L. Vance
HIPAA Phase 2 Audits Are Here. Are Business Associates Ready?
September 2016
By: William H. Berglund
Ohio EPA's New Guidance Raises Stakes on Vapor Intrusion
September 2016
By: Joseph P. Koncelik
FTC Distinguishes Between "Natural" and "All Natural"
July 2016
By: Ronie M. Schmelz, Amanda Villalobos
U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Corruption Convictions of Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell
July 2016
By: Adrienne B. Kirshner, John F. McCaffrey, Anthony R. Petruzzi
President Signs Landmark Chemical Bill Into Law
June 2016
By: Christopher J. Caryl
Appellate Court Resurrects 10,000 Patents
June 2016
By: Carlos P. Garritano
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